To the Truong Yen Festival is a place of converging special cultural features


We went to Truong Yen commune (Hoa Lu district) on the last day of April. There is only one more week before the opening day, but the festival atmosphere is everywhere, not only the dazzling decorations, the brilliant flower flags, the festive atmosphere also creeps into every thought, every story. of every people in Truong Yen commune. We met Mr. Duong Van Bac, a son of Truong Yen commune. She was 80 years old and was living with her children and grandchildren in Hanoi. In advanced age, health is much worse, but every year, every day, when the country opens its festival, he and his children will arrange their work to attend the festival. This year, too, not until the opening day, he spends his time visiting his neighbors, feeling the change of every day of his homeland. Specifically: I am old, I don't know how many more years I will attend the Yen Yen Festival. For me, coming back to the festival is to return to the source. In the past few decades, almost every year my hometown opened my association, I have returned. Yet every time I go back to the festival, the feeling of eagerness and sacredness remains intact. In particular, from this year the Truong Yen Festival is held with the position of the intangible cultural heritage of the country. I think, pride and responsibility create a festival imbued with the cultural identity of the regions and regions, not only for the people of Truong Yen commune but also for the people in the province.

Chess tournament at Truong Yen Festival

Mr. Nguyen The Vinh, Chairman of Truong Yen Commune People's Committee said that in December 2014, the Truong Yen Festival was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a national intangible cultural heritage. With that pride, in the past time, the commune has promoted propaganda to raise awareness, pride and responsibility of local people on the protection of relics, contributing to the success of the festival. . In particular, for the festival to be successful, joyful and healthy, the commune also tasked mass organizations such as Farmers' Association, Women's Union, Youth Union, Elderly Association, Veterans Association ... promote propaganda and have creative, practical and meaningful jobs towards the festival. Accordingly, the mass organizations assigned officials to the households to propagate and launch activities to clean village roads and alleys, contributing to creating a clean and beautiful environment, making a good impression in the heart. every time you go back to the festival. For those who are assigned to participate in the festival, they are self-conscious, active and active to prepare the performances, the assigned part with the desire to contribute to the success of the festival. In particular, besides participating in well-performing movements launched by the locality, every Truong Yen citizen has a sense of preserving the elegant image of the Ancient people through jobs, words, work ... mine.
The excitement of the festival is not only in Truong Yen commune. These days, many other localities in the province are also actively preparing the best cultural repertoire to bring to the festival the characteristic culture of their locality. We went to Khanh Tien commune, Yen Khanh district to participate in a training session of Khanh Tien drum dance club. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoai, Chair of the Club and the drummer of the club confided: We went to perform in many places, attended many competitions and won high prizes, we also performed in the Village festival ... However, this is the first time Khanh Tien drum dance club participated in the traditional performance of Truong Yen Festival. aware of that pride, the members of the club actively arranged housework and farm work to actively participate in the practice. Meanwhile, in Nho Quan district, the training atmosphere of gong team members is also taking place very urgently. Still the traditional repertoire, everyone is in the heart but still trained carefully and elaborately. In the group of gongs, everyone tunes, chases each item with pride that, through the performances of gongs, visitors to the Truong Yen festival will understand more about the people and the land rich in Confucian culture. Quan in particular and Ninh Binh province in general.
Mr. Pham Ngoc Van, Head of Family and Cultural Life Department, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that the new feature of the festival in Truong Yen this year is to mobilize the participation of localities, units in the whole province. Therefore, Truong Yen Festival has become a common pride of every people in the province. By this time, the districts, cities and towns have developed plans to register the contents of the festival. All localities are enthusiastically trained to participate in competitions organized by the province such as: Volleyball, Ethnic objects, Camp festivals, Five fruits contest, King organization, Organizing Mass Art activities to participate. at the festival. Districts, cities and towns have also instructed communes, wards and towns to mobilize flag-hanging people to respond to the festival and celebrate the great festivals of the nation, mobilizing the male and female economic groups. , concurrently at the facility to perform traditional ceremony rituals at the festival.

According to Ninh Binh Newspaper