Trang An landscapes and most famous populations


1. Unique dual heritage of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.
In the world heritage of Vietnam, Trang An is the only mixed cultural and natural heritage. It gathers many valuable natural, unique and outstanding natural landscapes, is a place to keep imprints of natural history (age of limestone, water intrusion, transgression and backward sea), cultural imprints (archaeological and historical relics) and traditional cultural values ​​are preserved and promoted by the local community. Spread over 12,000ha, this is where culture and history intersect with the magic, mystery and majesty of the natural world.
2. Many caves are the most watery

With 51 caves all with names associated with many stories like Sinh Hang, Dia Linh Cave, Ba Giot Cave, Hang Cooking Wine, Quy Hau Cave ... Trang An scenic spot is now the only scenic spot in Vietnam. the cave is trans-water, with a cave up to 2 km long. This cave system follows one another, forming a circle. It is especially in Trang An that lakes can form many closed cross-shore journeys without having to go back. Therefore, this cave complex is likened to a tragedy.

3. The most unique tree
Unique tree growing in Phu Khuong is in Trang An Scenic Area. After many ups and downs of history, after 1,000 years, the tree closed a elephant-like figure shining down on the lake surface and covering the ancient Phu Khong. The tree is small, but the roots of the tree immediately turn into an array covering the rock with an area of ​​about 10m2. In particular, what makes a unique market, is a market tree that produces two types of fruits: normal round fruits like other fruits with seeds and a seedless flat fruit. Every early autumn, flavor when ripe aromatic, a large space.
4. The most interesting bird garden
That is Thung Nham bird garden with a natural submerged forest ecosystem on an area of ​​over 300 hectares, including 19 hectares of primary forest. The bird garden is home to about 46 bird species, some of which are recorded in Red books such as Giang Sen and Coc De small, in which there are two rare and precious bird species: Hang Hac and Phuong Hoang, one among the mascots in the spirit of Long-Ly-Quy-Phuong.
This is also the only bird garden in Vietnam "owning" a thousand year old tree. The plant grows righteously in the massive limestone slab with many floors and foliage. Every visitor must admire the ancient and unique nature of the tree growing in the middle of this forest.
Trang An landscape complex is a particularly important heritage of national and international level. It has unique values ​​about nature and culture, where heritage converges and shines, containing many outstanding global values.
Source: Le Hang