Center for historical relics preservation - Hoa Lu Ancient Culture with the preservation and promotion of historical values of Monuments


In the past years, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital has become an attractive destination for domestic and international tourists, contributing to the development of the tourism industry in particular and the socio-economic development of Ninh Binh Province. in general.

Tourists visit Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

 The preservation and promotion of cultural and historical values ​​of monuments are two sides of a unified body. Conservation is the foundation and creates an opportunity to acquire cultural values ​​to introduce to other countries in the world. In contrast, promoting cultural values ​​will work to increase the awareness of each member of the ethnic community and of international friends with respect to the responsibility of preserving cultural values. In addition, the preservation and promotion of the values ​​of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital's cultural and historical relics is not only a responsibility but also a moral tradition of "Remembering water, remember the source" of the Party Committee and people of Ninh province. Binh in particular, the Vietnamese people in general, for generations of his father, have built the country, kept the country, and educated the nation's patriotism, self-reliance and self-reliance through each historical period. . Recognizing this importance of the preservation and promotion of cultural and historical values, in the past years, under the leadership and direction of the Management Board of Trang An and Trung scenic spots. the center of preserving the historical-cultural relics (LS - VH) Hoa Lu Ancient Capital has focused on directing and managing the effective deployment unit of the task of preserving and promoting the value of the vestige LS-VH Hoa Lu capital.

The unit has done well in preserving and preserving documents and objects. At the same time, it is well aware that conservation is not only a professional's job but it is really effective when there is participation of socialization. Therefore, the unit has also promoted socialization in conservation, promoting the value of monuments through a team of speakers and collaboration with press and broadcasting agencies to increasingly a great number of people of all classes know the noble value of the monument, thereby promoting the values ​​of monuments, raising awareness and responsibility to protect relics and build a healthy cultural environment in community.
In addition, in order to further improve the propaganda and promotion of monuments and improve professional skills and communication skills for the speakers, the organization has organized a team of participants. write an introduction about Hoa Lu Ancient Capital with different contents suitable to the psychology and qualifications of visitors. Many professional meetings were also organized with various and intensive topics, such as: Learn about Buddhism in Dinh-Tien Le period; Learn about archaeological excavation work in Hoa Lu Ancient Citadel; Learn how the military room of Dinh - Tien Le period; Decorate art on wooden materials, stone or learn about Han Nom at the temple of King Dinh Tien Hoang and temple of King Le Dai Hanh;
The Center also collaborated with local authorities and relevant agencies to well perform the tasks of ensuring order and environmental sanitation, regularly checking and reorganizing service activities and maintaining jobs. re-encroach on the types of services into relics, mobilize and remind households to do business in services and visitors to strictly abide by rules and regulations. Therefore, the security and order situation in the past has many changes, creating a civilized lifestyle - polite in the monument.
Actively and proactively in preserving and promoting the values ​​of monuments LS - Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Center for preserving relics - Culture of Hoa Lu has contributed to the preservation and promotion of di The precious property left by his father, at the same time brings a good impression to visitors when visiting, admiring the capital of Hoa Lu./.
Le Thi Bich Thuc - Deputy Director of the Center for Hoa Lu Ancient Capital Culture - Historical Heritage